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Caterpillar Inc Recognizes Delta for Supplier Excellence

12 January 2018

NONG LALOK, THAILAND - Today Caterpillar Inc. re-certified Delta Hydraulics Thailand with Bronze status under its Supplier Quality Excellence Process program.

Caterpillar's SQEP program recognizes suppliers who demonstrate excellence in process capability, parts per million (PPM) defect control, on-time production parts approval processes (PPAPs), shipping performance and capacity planning.

Mr James Warfield, Global Procurement Manager Hydraulics, Caterpillar Mossville, Illinois said "suppliers of quality product to Caterpillar Underground Mining are not only keeping Caterpillar employees safe but operators of Caterpillar Underground machinery as well as contributing to what the Caterpillar brand is known for 'quality'".

Caterpillar's Procurement Director RISM-ITDD, Mr Chris Jarvis, presented the Bronze SQEP plaque to Delta Hydraulics Group CEO, Mr John White and Delta Hydraulics Thailand's General Manager, Mr Ross Healey.

Mr White thanked the Delta team saying, "achieving quality excellence is all about good people within the company, so thank you all".

Mr Healey said "thank you to the Delta team for their ongoing support and commitment to the company and to Caterpillar. I am also very proud of the level of team work I see on a regular basis".